Saturday, 23 May 2009


It has been a frustrating couple of weeks the painter in the yard has been as useful as a chocolate fireguard and would not recommend him to my worse enemy. It has been a catalogue of broken promises and manyana moments! Finally enough is enough and we have decided to leave Sotogrande and get the work done in Sopromar in Lagos... they have given us a 2 week max timeframe which is a little more encouraging. It has been a costly mistake coming here but you live and learn. John has got some way with the decks but has been frustrated by the weather ... the wind has been too strong to put the deck paint on to try would have resulted in dust and assorted debris being painted on our decks! We go back in the water .. ready to sail down to Lagos on Monday 25th lets hope for some decent weather!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Friday 8th May

Currently in Sotegrande having started the messy but hopefully really useful job of putting Coppercoat on the Hull instead of having to go through the annual anti fouling chore. We will still have to come out of the water but hopefully it will not be quite such a bind. John is supervising the job whilst at the same time painting the deck. I'm still stuckin Norton working... not quite sure who has the better deal. All existing anti foul is now off the hull and Orion is sitting in the sun drying out. The plan is to have the job done and dusted so we can take her to Portugal at the end of the month. I think we are both finding it hard to rely on Toni in the boatyard to complete the job but John has befriended a local (English)who lives in Spain .. Ted who has offered to supervise proceedings when John has to go at the end of the week. Thanks Ted.
John thinks he looks like George Clooney in Perfect Storm. I am still struggling to see the likeness!