Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Finally Orion is a ketch again!

Our mast has finally been fitted and we are no longer a sloop but a ketch again. We have waited ten weeks for this day and I have to admit I was beginning to think that the day would never come! Our friends from back in the UK are now over for a couple of weeks and we have been taking them to see a few of the sights.
We took Sue and Gig to Shirley Heights a must for any visitors if they like to party and there is also a great view over Falmouth and English Harbour at sunset.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Nearly there!

We now have a mast step ... Yippee .. But just as we were getting excited about the mast going on Stan from Antigua Rigging mails us to tell us that the starter motor on the crane has burnt out! It is a 24 v starter motor and there is not another one on the island ... One is being sent over from Miami but it will be Wednesday before it arrives so guess we have to wait a little longer. However the end is neigh!
We have been here so long that we have had to renew our visas which lasted for 3 months. No problem for me I went home for a couple of weeks to see my mum who is struggling with her legs at the moment. John went to immigration at English Harbour who told him to come back in April ... He did on the 2nd when our visa expired and they told him to go to St. John's ! Frustrating but we hired a car and off we tootled having to find a passport photo of John to take with us. We hired a car which is cheaper than a taxi and managed to locate the immigration office with the help of a friendly post woman. I left john to it but was surprised when he phoned me a couple of minutes later to tell me that they would not process him as he was wearing shorts?! So off we sped to buy a pair of long pants!! Having been separated from 75ec for the purchase John went on his way back to immigration I was not allowed in as I had the audacity to wear shorts! We were not going to waste any more cash on a pair of long pants for me! I wandered around St. John's for a couple of hours before John caught up to me at Napoleons. He guessed I would be there as we had been there before and it was not so much of a rip off. We have made the mistake of going to a place called Cheers before and that was definitely cruise liner prices !
Anyway getting there and we have our friends Sue and Gig arriving next weekend so should be fun!,