Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Jobs a goodun! The work on the hull is now complete and we are back in the water in Albufiera awaiting crew for the trip back to Liverpool. Both John and I are very pleased with the work carried out at Sopramar and will certainly use them again should the need arise.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

finally ... a nice new hull

Orion has been in Sopramar Lagos for over two weeks now and I have got to say that they have been great really getting on with the job in hand. I think you can tell from the pic that the hull is now ready for the coppercoat which should only take a day followed by 72 hrs out the water then she should be ready to take around to Albufiera to await crew. Then its onto Azores and Galway!! John is still busy beavering away fitting stuff we have bought and never had time to fix. The boat was treated to a forward seeking sonar as both John and I figured that whilst she was out the water we might as well take advantage and get it sorted, the deck speakers have finally been fitted, the GPS finally works and as you can see we have put the name on the bow!

Starting to feel that things are slowly taking shape