Friday, 9 January 2015

Return to Prickly Bay

We have been back here in Prickly Bay now for three weeks, chillin out and trying to get a new Mainsail and Mizzen sorted. This has been a bit of a long winded process what with the Christmas Holidays and all but I think we are finally getting somewhere. Once the order is in we shall be off and return later in the year to collect them
                                              Rainbow over Prickly Bay

Grenada Hash House Harriers
We have met friends from our time in Las Palmas last year and many boats from Trinidad are here at the moment. As part of our efforts to get a bit fitter John and I have taken part in two Meetings of the Grenadian Hash House Harriers. This is advertised as being particularly aimed at drinkers with a running problem....though you can walk which is what John and I do! A trail is laid by ' hares'  and these are across various different terrains...though there is always a hill it seems to me. The first one just before Christmas was local around here and took us through woodland that would never haver have walked through. Last weeks though was up North by the old air field. It was quite a drive getting there and it took us along some of the coast and through the mangroves small problem the trail was laid at half tide and as the tide went up so the trail disappeared and the feet got wet! There is always cold beer and food waiting at the end and those new to the Hash have to go through a ceremony which involves them getting a certificate and getting showered in beer.
Criminal waste of beer!
It is fun though but my shoulders were aching a little the next day as a result of ploughing my way through the mangrove! It is a great way of discovering more of the Island.

A new discovery!

Whilst on our first Hash John and I discovered a micro brewery half a mile or so down the road from Prickly Bay. Walking past it we both decided it would be good to find out more about it at a later date. We returned a couple of days later and discovered The West Indian Brewing Company run by a couple of Brits though they live in Grenada now and brew a range of different brews from Porter to IPA and Cider and very delicious they are too! So much so we bought half a keg to share with our friends on New Years Eve! You can't please everyone though as our friend Ian from Blackthorn Lady tried at least three different brews and still declared..' not a patch on Sam Smiths!'

It has been very windy over the last week and there are many here just waiting for the right weather window to move usually either North or West. At present there is a 2/3 day lull in the strong winds and so many have left including Blackthorn Lady and our Aussie friends on Fanny Fisher. It's going to be our turn soon .....