Friday, 4 May 2012

Life really can be cruel

Having got to Vonitsa and been reunited with Orion both John and I were raring to go but the weather was foul. The Greeks say it has been the worst Easter weather wise for 10 years! So John and I set about stowing everything we had bought from England. A major task. Anyone who knows John will know that he does not like to throw away anything but I think even he has come to the realisation that some things have just got to go. Everyone around the boat yard is starting to wince when they see John walking towards them with item in hand telling them that they really cannot do without a brass key holder and other such like items! However I think we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.
We ran the engine to check everything was ok and Eagle Eye Woods noticed that we had a slight leak ... John investigated further and discovered that a part of the radiator needed to be replaced. We managed to order a part on the net bt it meant we had to wait to go in the water. So John and I could could only watch and wave as one by one our neighbours went into the water.

Then came some very sad news, on Monday the 23rd April we heard from Manchester that John's father had died. He was 93 and his death had been quick he did not suffer for a long period but the news was very sad and knocked our enthusiasm and impetus for six. We set about arranging to come back and got back to the Manchester late on Friday. It is a sad time but Johns Dad was a determined man who knew what he wanted and John discovered that he had bequeathed his body to Manchester University so we are now having a celebration and memorial gathering of his life which is exactly what he wanted.
Whilst we have been back in the UK I also recieved some really sad news that one of my former pupils had died. This was such sad news. Sally was also a determined young lady who bought joy and happiness to all those around her.... pupils, teachers and adults alike. I shall never forget her for so many reasons and when we do get back on the boat in a few days time she will be in my thoughts. My heart goes out to her wonderful parents.
We are returning to Greece on 13th May.