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We have been the proud owners of Orion now for five years. She is an Amel Maramu which happened to moor along side of us when we were moored in Paleros.For the last few years we have gradually started to update her and get her ready for adventures ahead. Summer2009 we sailed her back from Greece where we said 'au revoir' to our friends out there with a very definite proviso that 'We'll be back!'. Now having retired in December (2011) and spent every spare minute over the last few years refitting the boat we are now ready to start our adventure. Orion is back in Greece and the plan is for us to spend some time in the Med before deciding which way next.... the world is our Oyster. Well perhaps NOT the Red Sea!I hope our friends will at least join with us on the blog even if they cannot come and join us!

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