Tuesday, 19 February 2013


John and I are now back in the UK with our passage booked on the ferry to take us back to Greece on the 22nd March.

                                                            Square Rigger in Hobart

We had a great time in both Australia and New Zealand. We loved Tasmania we spent just over a week there  and were grateful that we managed to travel around the island before it was gripped by horrendous forest fires. The beaches were spectacular and everyone was very friendly. One of the things that impressed us was the way so many people volunteered to work keeping museums and general services running. There are only half a million or so people there and without the volunteers life would be a little more difficult for everyone. We went on a square rigger out of Hobart and it was crewed entirely from volunteers. I tried my hand at the helm!!

Fortunately we only came across Tasmanian Devils in the safety of a very good wildlife park. Jaws of steel but apparently they mainly feed on carrion which surprised both of us!

We stayed for a couple of days at a lovely little bay called Strahan ... really enjoyed the place and it is a place we would both like to return to on Orion.

We went on a jet boat up the river and there is a steam train that leaves the town once a day. It also looked like it would be an interesting navigation to get there.