Sunday, 19 June 2011


Irish weather has a habit of being contrary. As we sailed The St. Georges Channel we had an eclectic mix of no wind, great wind and strong winds from the wrong direction. We had to motor most of the way to Arklow having anchored off Dulas Bay Anglesey for a short while waiting for the tide to turn. We were moored rafted up against the catamaran WindcatII which goes out to service the wind farms... a big sturdy beast which gave us good support. We stayed in Arklow overnight before setting sail for Kilmore Quay. This was a great days sailing. We hardly had to revert to the engine at all. There was one incident of note. As we made our way into harbour, looking to turn at the appropriate point after St Patricks Bridge, a fishing boat decided that it would race up behind us and then alongside us with no need to come anywhere near us.We gave him 5 long blasts on the horn and he passed in front of us. As we went along our way we noticed that he did exactly the same to a yacht in front. Obviously a fishing boat with attitude!
Kilmore Quay was packed and the welcome from fellow sailors could perhaps have been warmer. We eventually moored alongside a Halberg Rassy.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Next stop Ireland

We put up our main almost as soon as we got through the lock gates and within minutes of making our way down the Mersey the benefits of having AIS became apparent when the coastguard contacted us to negotiate going starboard to starboard with a rather large cable laying vessel making its way down the opposite way but wanting to turn to port into Gladstone Dock! There was little to no wind so we were under motor but it still we were out of the Marina and on our way after such a long time in the Marina and having completed a list of jobs as long as your arm!

Leaving of Liverpool

Finally a few days later than anticipated due to an alternator failure on the starter battery supply we got away on Thursday 2nd June. Our chief engineer Mr David Cruikshank together with the crew Geraldine and Dermot  had very patiently been helping us in Liverpool having arrived on the Sunday and their help was invaluable. George came to see us off and our friends John and Mandy threw us down a bottle of Port as we waited in the lock for the water to fill. I have to say that both John and I were a little emotional when those gates finally opened and we were out once again on the water. Our journey had started....