Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sailing into Liverpool

After a very long trip around Ireland where the weather was truly awful ...wind, rain and we were even boarded by customs!!!.. we finally sailed into Liverpool after an eventful trip from Arklow on Saturday 3rd September. We were lucky not to have been run down by a container ship the Coastal Denise just off the coast of Angelsey early on Saturday morning. The ship changed course having followed us safely for a couple of hours. George and I were on watch and we both could not believe it! We were forced to turn hard to starboard to avoid being mowed down and thanks to the wonders of AIS we were able to find out the name of the ship and with the help of the Liverpool coastguard elicit an apology from the ship. The guy on watch claimed he saw our green light but he could only have seen that after he had passed us and we all agreed that it was highly unlikely that anyone even knew we were there despite me shining our strong flash light up into the bridge and onto our sails as the ship got closer and closer! Still no harm done and we live to sail another sea! Orion is now safely moored in Liverpool Marina while we continue to work on her and we are looking to head back down to the Med next year.

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