Thursday, 28 June 2012

settling down to life on board at last!

We are currently in Sivota and the weather is hot. It has been unbelivably hot of late but for the last couple of days it seems to have settled down at around 33 degrees. John and I have finally managed to get our internet sorted out and this means that we can now skype folks back in UK and more importantly get the weather!! I also have no excuse for not updating this blog on a more regular basis.

We have had friends out at the begining of the month so we sailed up to Corfu to pick them up. Flights into Preveza are not that easy to find and as it is a military airport... flights from UK only come in on Sunday. These are usually full of flotilla customers and as a consequence it is difficult to get what I would call a cheap flight. However Easyjet go into Corfu so you can pick up a bargain. Early this month the weather was decidely iffy with rain and our friends first experience of life on board was sailing into Gioas Paxos with limited visability and the rain hammering down. John and I were in full wets!! Summer sailing .... you can't beat it!

I am glad to say that the weather settled down for them and we were able to move around the islands and show them places that can only really be appreciated by boat. Abelike Bay in Meganisi is a particular favourite and for the first time we used the barbeque on the boat. This was a piece of kit that came with the boat and I have to say it produced some excellent souvlaki and pork chops!

I promised the kids back at school that I would put up the wonderful flags that they made for the boat and take a picture. When we got to Little Vathi John and I did just that. It was the day before the Jubilee celebrations back home and we had our own little celebration on board. Many people commented on them and when I explained that they were not following a royal theme but each flag was designed and produced by the children, everyone who has saw them was impressed..... far more impressive than Union Jacks in my opinion.

Everyone I meet always asks me if I miss the children .... of course I do but I am equally as happy on the boat and on the water you have plenty of time to reflect how fortunate I have been. However life moves on and despite me being happy with my lot it did not stop me worrying when I heard that school had OFSTED inspection the week before the half term holiday. I don't know why I was so worried Sam, the acting head, is as far as I can tell doing a great job and OFSTED confirmed this. Well done Sam and all the staff and wonderful children. In many ways this has helped me to draw a line under my time at Lisburne... what was once my baby has now moved on as indeed I have done.

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  1. What a wonderful experience Debbie. My mouth is watering with the culinary delights you are creating. Here in the UK we have forgotten what sunshine is, we reached the dizzy heights of 13 degrees today.The flags look great, I have shown them to Saturn Class, they were so excited. I have tried to contact you from school with Saturn boys but the system blocks us.Any room for a stowaway?