Saturday, 15 September 2012


We have been disappointed that we have not seen any dolphins this year so far. We have seen other assorted wildlife particularly in the Gulf of Amvrakia. Here sea urchins like to attach themselves to the anchor chain which can make it a bit tricky when bringing up the anchor chain. There are fishermen here that park their boats in what can only be described as a fishing boat garage. They have forged an indentation into the coast which is specifically for their boat so that when they drive into it they are protected on three sides all that is missing really is a garage door! At Rouga Bay they also drive their boat straight onto the beach and sell what fish they have to big Yanni, the taverna owner. Yanni runs what can only be described as a Shirley Valentine type taverna with tables on the beach. The food can be good but it can also be questionable but Yanni is hospitable and enjoys trying to engage you in political debate about the state of the Greek economy.

As you sail to Rouga Bay you pass many fish farms and early one morning as we were sailing past them we spotted what we thought was a bouy on closer inspection it became obvious that it was a Pelican out for his breakfast at a nearby fish farm. We were able to get really close but unfortunately before we could get the camera out he flew closer to the farm and out of our view. Shame.

We were also witness to a large Swordfish coming into Vassiliki Harbour. This caused much consternation in the harbour with at least three fishermen chasing it in their boats. One of them managed to spear it  but this meant that everyone could see where he was and the three fishing boats cornered it. Both John and I felt sorry for the sword fish! It was finally bought onto one of the fishing boats but I should hasten to add not the fishing boat that first managed to spear it. A heated debate then ensued about who actually owned the fish. This was a big fish that would produce many swordfish steaks and obviously worth quite a bit of money. As we left we spoke to another of the local fishermen and said to him that he had missed out there. He replied that the sword fish had committed suicide in venturing into the harbour!

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