Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Puerto Calero

We have moved onto Puerto Calero in Lanzarote which we are thoroughly enjoying. It is a well run Marina and whilst it is not the cheapest the internet is quite good and free and you do not have to pay for water or electricity. It was also a safe place to leave the boat and catch the ferry to Tenerife to meet some old friends of Johns.... Bill and Margy. The marina has brass bollards which are shined with love and care each week and takes recycling very seriously. It is owned as I understand by Mr. Calero who also owns a couple of hotels in the town. When we arrived there was a lot of racing going on and in this coming week there is also some sort of world championships going on. There are also lots of boats preparing for the Arc and to cross the pond like ourselves so lots of like minded people around. We have been doing repairs to our wind generator which got bent in the storm and going through the endless lists of jobs to do! Our trip to Tenerife came as a relaxing few days when we stayed in the luxury of a beautiful villa owned by Bill's son. It really was such a complete change to the boat and we had a really good time.

Puerto Calero is currently hosting the LR 44 World Championships so it has been quite interesting watching the scrutineers check over the boats and sails. Today is the first day and there is limited wind but these boats are so light I'm sure that they will still get quite a speed. 

We have been impressed by the yard here. John went to enquire about some new Jack Stays yesterday and within 2 hours they had been made up and fitted! No Greek maybe time here it would seem!!

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