Tuesday, 28 January 2014


We have been in Antigua for over three weeks now. We like it here. However we also have to stay here for a while as we have a problem with the mast step and the main mast needs to come off. We noticed on the way over a crack in the plate and we have spent many frustrating hours on the net trying to source a plate. Everyone we spoke to suggested using a firm called Rigrite. This firm has to be the most difficult firm to do business with none of the web addresses or telephone numbers are correct and it was only after endless calls to their answer machine that we finally got to talk to a person who informed us that the e mail address on the net and given out over the answer machine was wrong!! What a way to do business!! After all that they were unable to help us or we assume that they are not as they failed to answer our mail. We are now going to get a plate fabricated which will be more expensive but seems our only option.

                                                  Our cracked mast step!

We stayed at Jolly Harbour for nearly three weeks. It’s a well run marina and everything is to hand. There is a very good supermarket so we were able to re provision…not that we needed much as we are now slowly working our way through all the provisions we did not use on the crossing over. However, John has discovered a new drink… dark rum and Ginger Beer and the supermarket had Waitrose Ginger Beer which was perfect for the job. The beach was also very close by and wonderful to swim in.

                                                 Life's a beach!!
                              This is the boat they rowed over in !!!

 We left Jolly Harbour to come to anchor off Falmouth Harbour which has a marina for super yachts. They are all lined up in the marina and at night their masts and red anchor lights light up the horizon… it looks remarkably like Milford Haven Oil refinery! I know that the yachts are worth mega bucks but some of them are ugly. There is one that is military grey in colour with very straight, unattractive lines someone must love it but not me!
                           Night time in Falmouth Harbour

Yesterday we went over to Nelsons Dockyard to cheer in two brave young men Will and Dan who were part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. They had left La Gomera in the Canaries 56 days ago and were arriving in Antigua having rowed all the way. They were not the first to arrive several other crews have arrived over the last few days and they were there to cheer the lads in as well. The boats around light up with flares, there were horns blaring and it was quite an emotional experience. Having sailed across at the same time as them I have nothing but admiration for their courage and fortitude. They had been rolled in heavy seas lost their lights some had even had problems with their water maker so fresh water was minimal. You had to be impressed by how fit and healthy they looked considering … all of them sporting varying lengths of beards and straggly hair. The general consensus of yachties we have spoken to is they must be mad!!

We are now waiting for Stan at Antigua Rigging to give us the nod as to when the mast is coming off in the next few days. There are worst places in the world to be stuck waiting for repairs and we have the Superyacht Challenge this weekend so it should be interesting to see if what these big brutes around us sail like!

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