Wednesday, 21 May 2014

It's not all relaxation and fun!

This past month has been very frustrating!! We were ready to leave when our friends left but the day before they did I discovered that someone had been trying to access my bank account. The bank alerted me and I was able to ensure my account was not emptied but they cancelled my debit card... What an inconvenience ! John wanted to check his account but found that his card reader would not recognise his card and blocked him out of his account! Even more of a ballache! Both banks refused to send cards out here so our friends said that they would courier them here when the replacement cards arrived. This turned into a major hassle and DHL completely screwed up and the cards arrived back in Port Sunlight 6 days later..... We decided that we would go for international express post from Royal Mail, they would be tracked and signed for... Well it has now been two weeks and still no sign so enough is enough....John and I are leaving on Friday with or without the cards. If they don't arrive then we will cancel both re order them and leave them waiting for someone to come out or for one of us to go back!
PostScript:talking to the marina they suggested we go to the Post Office in St.Johns to see if the letter was there.John hopped onto a bus and got himself to the Post Office. The woman behind the desk after lots of deliberation told him yes the letter was there but she said' why hasn't it been delivered to the address on the envelope?' Well we were kind of wondering that to!!! Fifteen minutes later John finally walked out of the Post Office cards in hands....Whooppee we are on our way!
John then got a stinker of a cold which he gave to me and to cap it all we have found the source of a fresh water leak that has been puzzling us for sometime. So John is the grease monkey again taking off the oil filter and trying to get a repair to the cover to the cylinder head rear end. We think that Carl at the boatyard here is able to weld a fix so hopefully it should not stop us leaving!
We are heading South as indeed are most people who are staying out here for the hurricane season. It has surprised me how many yachts haul out for the hurricane season here in Antigua. The yard in Jolly Harbour is teaming with boats.
We plan to haul out for a month in Trindad and replace anodes ,sort out the bottom and perhaps get one or two jobs done. We have installed a Bad Boy - full metal jacket - unleashed which has been great it means we can access wi if and indeed our neighbours have been using the internet from the hotspot we have created. It has saved us money as inevitably we used to have to wander to a local bar  to get the internet ... While we were there we had to have drink it would have been rude not to!

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