Sunday, 20 July 2014

Prickly Bay Grenada

One of the things that is very noticeable in the Caribbean is that the amount of growth on the hull/prop is just unbelievable. It was particularly bad in Antigua where we had to scrub the anchor chain at least twice as in no time it developed a beard and became a breeding ground for crabs and tiny crustaceans. We have not been out of the water for 15 months so we are intrigued to find out how the Coppercoat is holding out. We are sailing from Grenada to Trinidad to haul out in Powerboats we will do some other general maintenance jobs while we are there!
One of the reasons why I decided to do a dive course was so I could scrub the hull and prop. I signed up on the Open Water Touch course that enabled me to do the theory at my leisure having downloaded all the info onto my I pad. This was much easier for me than trying to do it online when we had an internet connection. I signed on to do the practical part of the course with Scubatech in Prickly Bay. As it is out of season here I was lucky enough to get virtually 1:1 tuition from Frederique my diving in diving instructor who showed infinite patience ...but I am now certified and looking forward to some more diving soon!

John and I also had a good time at a drumming class ...our friends Richard and Kay persuaded us to go and we are glad we did the words of the instructor Monty... 'Mon we gonna mash it up proper!' I think I'm getting the hang of this dialect now!
I think I have mentioned that John is very partial to a dark and stormy ....this is rum and ginger beer. However we have had some difficulty locating ginger beer since leaving Antigua. Are we going to let this get us down ....Noooo! John has taken to making his own and very good it is too...we are now adding a little chilly to give it an extra kick!

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