Thursday, 5 February 2015


I enjoyed my birthday in Prickly and joined a group of yachties on a stroll down to the West Indies Beer Company where we introduced our friends to the place. Half the way through the afternoon John bought out a big chocolate birthday cake from the kitchen....real ale and chocolate cake you can't beat it!

We have left Prickly Bay for a while and moved north up to Carriacou to try to catch up with our friends Resolute of Thames who are waiting in Bequia. More jobs on the boat have been completed and we have finally managed to order our sails....Yippee. I did have one minor mishap dropping my wallet with all my cards in the drink as I was getting into the dinghy with the shopping. I did not hear it plop into the sea but assumed that that must have been what happened! After cancelling all my cards and ordering a new drivers license I got a call on the VHF from Margi on Peregrina to say that there was a poster in the marina office about a wallet that had been found! The Diver had been checking the Marina lazy lines when my silver,shiny, wallet caught his eye and he handed it into the marina office. Amazingly all the cards were dry and intact....but alas cancelled! Never mind John and I always say ' nobodies dead, nobodies injured' so it's not the end of the world ....worse things have happened at sea!!


We are now in Carriacou which is a small island belonging to Grenada. It is peaceful and the water beautifully clear. In Tyrell Bay there are many small restaurants and last night we ate at Luckys basic  BBQ chicken and chips (x2)but with a quarter bottle of rum and two mixer drinks and 4 beers it cost the princely sum of 60ec .....just under £15 good value or what?! The number 10 /11 bus will take you all around the island for 3.50ec and John and I have walked over the hill to catch some really great views South of the island.

There is a really interesting boat floating here in the Bay ...basically it started as a monohull, two further hulls were added either side to act as outriders and then a workshop was built on top. From here the owner carries out work for yachties in his fully equipped workshop. Fascinating, have never seen anything like it!

It is good to get away from Prickly for a while and sad that over the past few weeks petty politics seem to have raised their ugly head as what I can only describe as a power struggle has developed between the Grenada FB page and the admin of the Cruisers Net. I log on to the  Criusers Page to find out information and listen to the net in the morning for the same reason not to listen or read gripes about who did who to what etc....It is a pity as it sends out the wrong signals about the place and as a cruiser I weighed anchor to get away from such things! However that aside Grenada is a great place, friendly people and lots to see and do and I delete and close my ears to anything that really is not relevant and leave the politics to those who obviously enjoy such things!

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