Saturday, 6 June 2015

Bonaire..braving the Iguana!

As we weren't able to ride our scooter through the National Park in the North of the Island we decided to try again but this time we hired. SUV ....the hire car of choice in Bonaire as Divers put their gear in the back and drive around to the many dive sites around the coast. We thought we might snorkel off the beach on the way to the Washington Slagbaai Park and we went with fellow OCC members and friends Rhiann and Rob on Bayzano. Unfortunately it was a very windy day and we eventually decided that it was not an ideal snorkelling day. I know....wimps!!

We took the shorter route around the park ....some stunning scenery and wildlife. The Iguanas just walked right up to you and some were downright aggressive. John found himself a stick to walk with quoting Theodore Roosevelt ' walk softly and carry a big stick! ' . I think it was ' speak softly ' but anyway it worked!... one gave the stick a good bite but they were certainly less intimidating!

The scenery is very arid and reminded us of the Spanish Sierras. In many ways it is easy to see why the Brits gave it up ....they would have struggled to cultivate the land and I should imagine that cactus farming was not an area of expertise !
We did manage to see a few more Flamingos in one of the many salt flats in the Park

With snorkelling written off for the day we made our was to a local restaurant near Rincon, which used to be the capital of Bonaire, much safer from pirates in land we were told. Rincon has a cactus distillery and a little museum and the restaurant had a great panoramic view over the landscape. Rob, Rhiann and myself played safe with the menu and had the catch of the day but John opted for Iguana Stew! John being John and not one to waste food ate the lot but had to admit there were lots of small bones....I should say..he had been warned by the lady who took the order. I think this was a one off and he would not order the same again. The waitress asked him what he thought, agreeing with his comment about bones and saying ' you don't order iguana if you are in a hurry! '

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